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Shout-out to Joying Support
I had an excellent experience with Joying support and I feel this makes my choice to buy a second Joying system even more relevant. Because of this, I wanted to give them a shout-out and a Thanks.

What happened? I had a Joying WinCE 6.0 system in my VW Passat for about three years. With all the new Android head units coming out, and myself an Android fan and a tech writer for embedded devices based on Linux, I just had to get me one!

I sold my WinCE system, bought a new Android 5.1 system from a place called Xtrons, and really regretted getting rid on my Joying system. I had some immediate issues with performance, and OBDII support, but when I posted on Xtrons forum, they never even let my posts display for the general public. Like they knew about the problem, but didn't want anyone else to know fro fear of losing out on future sales. Well, this is one avid buyer that's never going to consider them again! 

And to be clear, no one ever responded to my questions from Xtrons. Not even after 2-3 weeks. I did some research and discovered a 2GB system would resolve most of my performance issues. 

Frustrated one night, I bought a really cheap 2GB Android 7.1 head unit from a manufacturer (really a distributor) called Hizpo. The specs were good, so I sold my Xtrons. When I first installed it, I was hopeful. Except, nothing I needed worked at first. Microphone issues, backup camera noise (large blurry, running lines when viewing the camera, both backup and DVR), and whiny noise with FM playing. I spent a bunch of time troubleshooting the issue and never got it fully resolved.

Other issues I had with this system included:
  • Built-in music player automatically played the songs for the first 3 seconds, no matter what I did - no way to disable it
  • Other music players, like PowerAmp, could never restart after standby because the system didn't let them have access to the SD card where music as stored, so I went through this manual restart every time I jumped into my car. 
  • After three months, my system wouldn't boot. I tried to contact the seller, and after over 2 weeks, I have not received a response.
Enter Joying.  I know people have a lot of software-issues in this forum, but compared to other products out there, Joying is actually much better. Overall usability and support are much better than other options out there - even better than places like Kenwood or Pioneer.

My issue after a couple days of use was that my screen flipped like a mirror. The unit still worked, but the screen was the reverse of what the actual (touch) input was. I spent three days with Joying support and finally got the problem resolved. When the Hizpo people didn't respond after more than 2 weeks (and still haven't), Joying responded the very next day.

Joying customer support even provided a link to restore the maps program (and checked with me to see if I got it working) after I reset my head unit at their request.

After finally getting my system all setup, I'm amazed at how much better everything works with the Joying head unit.

Did you know that the widgets that Joying provides also work with launchers like Nova? And that PowerAmp restarts a song in-play after the unit returns from standby? Sound quality is better too.  

I'm sure I'll have issues come up as I get used to my new system, but I'm glad their support is as responsive as they are. The extra $60 (US) I spent for my new system was worth every penny, especially considering my $240 paperweight from Hizpo that's just mocking me right now.

So, Thanks Joying!
I have tried a few different units, and time and time again Joying seems to be the best option.
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