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Tilt Screen Up/Down
I'm rockin' a JY-UMS03 in my daily driver, 2001 Lincoln Town Car.  Due to the shape of the single DIN factory unit, this was a perfect solution for my entertainment system upgrade.  I've worked my way through the usual issues and annoyances, and have learned to  like this unit enough to keep it for awhile.
[Image: 71wS2H3%2BUaL._SL1500_.jpg]

I'd really love to be able to tilt the display down about 15º. Doing so would greatly improve my viewing angle.  I've considered fabricating a metal wedge-shaped piece to mount the plastic pins on, but that wouldn't be ideal.  Does anyone know if Joying offers any type of angled screen mounting optional accessories?

Here's what my installation looks like:
[Image: 35331666295_db30c79ca5_k.jpg]

Looks like they incorporated exactly what I need on the 10.1 inch models:

[Image: joying-10-1-universal-1024-600-car-stere...d-unit.jpg]

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