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Feedback on Joying android system head unit
I would like next Joying units have all sensors like any Android standard device:
- compass (no gps based, the TRUE compass)
- accelerometer & gyroscope (i.e. for Torque app)
- light sensor (mainly to auto-dimmer function)
Honda CRV 2011 JY-HL122 MCTD Unit - Order #100005045
All we hope someday our dreams will come true!
May be SoM and SoC boards manufacturers could read what we need. And more flexible hardware upgrade.
Renault Laguna 2006
SKU: JY-UQ131-RK3188 mtcB 1024x600
4.4.4_18012016 => 20160328JY =>
Malaysk firmware update_4_4_4_FUSE_18_02_2017
I dream about a stable Bluetooth with all the standard profiles, including BT tethering client...
JY-UQ129(4.4.4) - Yaris 2009
After resuming from sleep it can take about 5 minutes to get proper GPS lock again. Can this be fixed with a firmware update?
I really like your 10.1 inch tablet car radio but it can't support video out to headrest or second displayer. and it doesn't have a subwoofer support control on unit. when will these issues get fixed or installed on a new unit?
(12-27-2016, 12:47 AM)rambo Wrote: Hi Everyone,

Here is leave message to show joying need to improve.
Joying always enhance head unit quality and features and best customers service.
We will hear from Joying customers suggestions.
Thank you for your support Joying.

Joying Team.

Best Costumer Service?????
Your costumer service is the worst, I can't get anyone to help with my issues.
I have emailed you guys 3 time, tried to chat 2 times and they just told me very rudely to wait and disconnected, I even send a PM via eBay.

I am looking for help... can I please have someone PM me or email me?

UPDATE: After PM via eBay, I was contacted and help was provided. I'm still working with them on fixing few issues.
I own Joying HU for Opel Astra H, running Android 6.0.
It`s not bad, but I wouldn`t buy it if I would know about all the bugs, when I spent my 300EUR, I was hoping for something with less bugs.

1. MP3 player takes about a minute to load my 86 songs always when I turn on the car.
2. When I listen to music and use gps, the sound of gps directions is coming from very silent speaker inside the HU, I can`t hear it even with my volume control for music at 1. There is no setting for sound output option (small useless speaker or car speakers) and there should be!
3. Buttons backlight is never working, even if I turn my headlights on manually, the only way to get it to work is to go to settings and change the "lantern" colour. When I want to press the button at night I must always turn on the interior light to see. Oh wait sometimes (like once a month it is working, but than it doesn`t turn off when I turn off the car and stays on for god know how long). 
4. Sometimes I turn my sub off in EQ, but when I want to turn it back on it doesn`t, than I must turn it off and on again.
5. Unit lacks of subwoofer settings...
6. There are no updates. I`m sure that Joying is aware of all the problems, but they just don`t care. If they would care they would release updates. OTA (over the air) updates would be even better.
7. Holes for opel`s extraction tool are a bit smaller than holes on factory stereo, last day I chipped a bit of glass around the hole, when extracting the HU with the tool.
8. OEM dash display on astra H... this is just sad, sometimes it shows the station frequency instead of it`s name, sometimes it shows nothing, when using music player it shows "MP3 and track number", when on youtube it shows "MP5" is it so hard to make it show the songs name, station name?
9. When HU is on the 12v output AMP wire should always feed 12v. Not like now, I have all of my speakers connected to external amp and when I`m on hi volume and I press pause my amp turns off, and when I press play it needs a second to turn back on and the sound that comes from speakers if extremly distorted. This is bad for my amp you know.

1. Sound quality is decent
2. Screen quality is decent
3. It`s not much laggy
4. Touchscreen works good
5. Gps navi is working fine, once it looped me between streets, but after using my phone Google Maps did the same exact thing.
6. It doesn`t look like cheap china product
7. Bt audio is good

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